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Another Rehabilitation Success Story

It’s time for me to go home! I’m ready to eat a big meal. - Tyrone

Tyrone’s Story

When Tyrone admitted to Cadia Healthcare Annapolis he clearly stated his desire to return home to his wife and friends,  but  most of  all to continue his pastoral duty at his church.

Upon evaluation by the rehab department, Tyrone had problems with his walk, balance, dressing, grooming, swallowing and memory.

Despite some medical setbacks, Tyrone continued with his rehab journey and established many milestones.  He began to walk independently with a walker, use the bathroom with no supervision, bathe, dress and groom himself with no help from his caregivers.  However, his greatest feat was to eat whatever he wanted to eat.  He stated, ‘It’s time for me to go home!’  ‘I’m ready to eat a big meal.’


Our rehabilitation staff assists residents to develop a comprehensive program utilizing the latest therapeutic technologies tailored to their individualized needs. Our entire team collaborates to help our residents reach their highest level of independence and return home.


It’s time for me to go home! I’m ready to eat a big meal. - Tyrone