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Another Rehabilitation Success Story

Rhonda’s Story

After suffering a fall at home, Rhonda required hospitalization for a spinal procedure.  She was transferred to Cadia Healthcare Annapolis for subacute rehabilitation before returning home.

She had significant weakness and lower back pain which made it difficult for her to walk and perform her activities of daily living.  She was also very fearful of falling.

Rhonda was very motivated and worked hard to achieve her rehabilitation goals.  Within a few weeks, she was walking around the facility and performing her activities of daily living with minimal assistance.  However, Rhonda still had a big goal to achieve – she had 21 steps to get to her third-floor apartment.  With determination, Rhonda was highly motivated to achieve this goal, which she did, and met her discharge plan to return home.

In approximately one month Rhonda was able to confidently and safely return home her daughter.


Our rehabilitation staff assists residents to develop a comprehensive program utilizing the latest therapeutic technologies tailored to their individualized needs. Our entire team collaborates to help our residents reach their highest level of independence and return home.