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Another Rehabilitation Success Story

I’m ready to walk! — Paul

Paul’s Story

When Paul admitted to Cadia Healthcare Annapolis, he was very weak, unable to hold himself up,  and got fatigued very quickly.  This made it difficult for Paul to walk and dress himself without the support of his caregivers.  Paul stated, ‘this is very frustrating!’

Paul did not give up.  He worked 5-7 times weekly with his therapists and within 3 weeks he started to gain independence in his activities of daily living.  Although he still used his wheelchair at times at the sink, he was standing and completing his grooming and oral care.  He began to go to the bathroom and required little or no support from his caregivers.  But most of all, Paul started to walk from his room, around the hallway and back to his room.  He was so proud of himself.

A little over a month after he started therapy, Paul was ready to go home.  He called his best friend and proudly stated, ‘come and get me, I’m ready to go home.’


Our rehabilitation staff assists residents to develop a comprehensive program utilizing the latest therapeutic technologies tailored to their individualized needs. Our entire team collaborates to help our residents reach their highest level of independence and return home.


I’m ready to walk! — Paul